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Kajaste V1

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Grip material

Kajaste V1 tattoo machine



  • brushless DC engine
  • very precise tolerances
  • 5mm stroke length
  • quiet, extremely low vibration
  • allows you to use a traditional power source, a power bank, or even a fast charger as a power source

A perfect match for your technique

  • perfect for all tattooing techniques
  • ergonomic to use
  • optimal balancing

A perfect match for your needles

  • compatible with most membrane cartridge needles
  • optimized needle fit on the grip
  • grips available in stainless steel and aluminium

It will hardly make you sexier, but it will definitely speed up your work

  • speeds up colour packing
  • torque and speed can be adjusted independently with an Apple app

Less pain, yes gain

  • causes less damage to the skin, easier and faster healings

It’s strong. And so beautiful.

  • aluminum body
  • titanium plunger bar
  • powerful enough to drive even the biggest magnums on the market
  • universal grip fitting, can be used with any standard grips, also disposables
  • machine and usb-c cord can be protected with the same protective sleeve
  • grips can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and sterilized by all sterilization methods

Easy to use, easy to power

  • compatible with all modern power supplies
  • usb-c connector with durable and flexible cable
  • allows you to use a traditional power source, a power bank, or even a fast charger as a power source
  • not available on battery due to an extra powerful engine

Safe and secure to work with

  • The grip fastener is universal, but it has its own driver that locks the Kajaste grip and its needles automatically to the correct position




Technical data

  • RPM range: 1000-6500
  • Input voltage with provided cables: USB type A 5V, 2.1 A or 6.3 mm plug 7-17V
  • Stroke length: 5mm
  • Max. needle size: +100
  • Power connection: USB type C, 5V 2.1A
  • Drive: brushless motor DC
  • Dimensions: D: 35mm, H: 49mm, L: 115-124mm with grip
  • Weight: 90g without grip

Made in Finland


Sale package includes:

  • Kajaste V1 machine
  • Kajaste USB C plug - USB C plug
  • Kajaste USB C - Mono Jack 6.3mm adapter
  • Optionally Kajaste grip aluminium or Kajaste grip stainless steel