We take tattoo art to a new era


Kajaste tattoo machine is a tool from professional to professional. It has been developed by top experts in their field with decades of experience and a strong vision of the art of tattooing. The roots in the North, but home is everywhere where tattoo art is made with heart, professionalism, and uncompromising passion.

Smooth working

After setting your desired parameters, you achieve the same consistent frequency and impact quality during the whole session regardless of needle size, skin area, or battery level. This ensures precise pigment placement at preferred depth, resulting in flawless packing and consistent lines without gaps.

Stable Impact system

Thanks to Kajaste Machines Stable Impact system, Aurora detects the slightest needle pressure change and instantly corrects the torque accordingly. This means you can move from one skin area to another or change your needle size drastically from a 3RL to 49MG and Aurora will instantly adapt the torque accordingly. Regardless of your technique, the skin area you’re working on, or the needle you’re using, the stroke will be consistent and the inks will go in in one pass. Auroras efficiency makes masters faster, without compromizing the perfect accuracy and result.

Long-lasting tool

The construction of the machine withstands professional level tattooing and guarantees longer service life. Even after thousands of hours of work, it works like new – So you don't have to buy a new machine every year. 

Beauty creating beauty
Since it is meant to be used by the hands creating art and beauty, special attention has been paid to aesthetics and high-quality materials in the design. With Aurora, you're equipped for boundless artistry, just like the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

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