We take tattoo art to a new era

Kajaste is a new kind of tattoo machine that raises the art of tattooing to its own superior level. Perfect accuracy, perfect control. Just the right feel.

Kajaste tattoo machine is a combination of durable technology and practical design beauty. The construction of the machine guarantees longer durability and service life than usual. Even after thousands of hours of work, it works like new, efficiently, and reliably. Special attention has been paid to aesthetics and high-quality materials in the design.

Kajaste tattoo machine is a tool from professional to professional. It has been developed by top experts in their field with decades of experience and a strong vision of the art of tattooing. The roots in the North, but home is everywhere where tattoo art is made with heart, professionalism, and uncompromising passion.


Probably the most powerful and long-lasting engine on the market
• brushless DC engine
• very precise tolerances
• 5mm stroke length
• quiet, extremely low vibration

• allows you to use a power bank, a fast charger, or even your iPad Pro (3. gen. or later) as a power source

A perfect match for your technique
• perfect for all tattooing techniques
• ergonomic to use
• optimal balancing

A perfect match for your needles
• compatible with most membrane cartridge needles
• optimized needle fit on the grip
• grips available in stainless steel and aluminium

It will hardly make you sexier, but it will definitely speed up your work
• speeds up colour packing
• torque and speed can be adjusted independently with an Apple app

Less pain, yes gain

• causes less damage to the skin, easier and faster healings

It’s strong. And so beautiful.
aluminum body
• titanium plunger bar
• powerful enough to drive even the biggest magnums on the market
• universal grip fitting, can be used with any standard grips, also disposables
• machine and usb-c cord can be protected with the same protective sleeve
• grips can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner and sterilized by all sterilization methods

Easy to use, easy to power
• compatible with all modern power supplies
• usb-c connector with durable and flexible cable
• allows you to use a power bank, a quick charger, or your iPad Pro (3.Gen. or later) as a power source
• not available on battery due to an extra powerful engine

Safe and secure to work with
• The grip fastener is universal, but it has its own driver that locks the Kajaste grip and its needles automatically to the correct position