• It features a powerful direct drive motor and does not lose torque or power like most other tattoo machines on the market.

    Our intelligent Stable impact system constantly monitors the load and automatically increases torque as the resistance grows. This allows for consistent speed and performance even when switching from, for example, a 3 round liner to a 49 magnum. The Kajaste Stable Impact system automatically and instantly adjusts torque so that the 49 penetrates the skin just as effectively as the 3 liner.

    Easy and convenient adjusting directly from the touch screen without changing hand positions.

    As a completely new feature for tattoo machines, Kajaste Aurora has introduced a built-in Kajaste Smart Touch media player. With Kajaste Smart Touch, you can easily control the audio you are playing from your phone or other device straight from the Kajaste Aurora's screen (just like from a smartwatch screen) – without interrupting your work flow, switching gloves, or compromising hygiene. Now that's what we call convenience!

    Customer feedback indicates that tattooing has been less painful (because needles penetrate the skin in one go thus making the tattooing faster and eliminating the need to return to the same skin area again), and healing has been faster and easier (the same applies here; when needles penetrate the skin in one go, regardless of the needle type or pigment size, less damage is done to the skin, leading to faster healing).

  • The machine's excellence becomes evident when tattooing challenging areas (such as knees, palms, sides, lower back etc.). Needles penetrate easily and consistently due to the torque-regulating electronics, the Stable Impact system, which instantly and continuously adjusts torque according to the resistance. 

    The difference is also especially noticeable when using large needles, as underpowered or low-torque motors fail to push the entire needle package to the right depth under the skin, slowing down work, leaving too little pigment under the skin, resulting in a blotchy or faint end result, and causing significantly more damage to the skin.

  • The plunger bar is finely tuned to be compatible with most disposable grips on the market. The plunger bar tip is replaceable and the entire plunger bar is easy to clean. This is a feature missing from almost all modern tattoo machines but is essential for hygienic work!

    Both the machine itself and the batteries are splash-resistant; they can be thoroughly disinfected without worry.

    It is easy and convenient to cover the whole machine and battery with our disposable custom silicone cover. No hassle, no tape, just slip the cover on and you’re ready to go!

  • Aurora has two battery options available; the standard high capacity battery, and the extra-high capacity power battery. 

    Batteries can be charged with any USB-C charger, so a separate dock or charger is not needed. Aurora can also be used while charging so you never have to worry about running out of power while tattooing.

  • Aurora is designed and assembled in Finland using high-quality materials and components, ensuring an extremely long lifespan. There are no plastic parts in the entire machine; the frame is aluminium, and the plunger bar is titanium.

    We fully stand behind our machines. Aurora has a two-year warranty, followed by affordable repair services afterward. If you have any problems, you can contact us anytime.