Aurora, Kajaste x Malm

Kajaste x Malm

Where Durability Meets Design Elegance. Kajaste Aurora is the state-of-the-art tattoo machine with perfect accuracy, perfect control and just the right feel. It is the second generation Kajaste Tattoo Machine, born from collaboration with two globally recognized and awarded artists, Torsten and Kätlin Malm.

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Meet the collaborative faces behind Kajaste Aurora: Globally recognized tattoo artists Torsten and Kätlin Malm. Striving for perfection in everything they do, these tattoo artists are known for their vivid color work and unparalleled excellence in every project they undertake. They have been featured in multiple international tattoo magazines and books, and received awards and served as judges in international tattoo contests.

“Striving for perfection is ingrained in everything we do, from maintaining an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of tattooing to creating an environment that exudes warmth, love, and professionalism.”

Torsten & Kätlin Malm


  • Extremely powerful Faulhaber brushless DC motor and our intelligent Stable Impact system that automatically increases torque as resistance grows
  • Kajaste Smart Touch enables audio control from the machine's screen via a connected device
  • Replaceable plunger bar tip for hygienic tattooing.
  • Touchscreen; very easy and ergonomic to use while working
  • Almost vibration free and extremely precise.
  • 5mm stroke length and a powerful motor allow easy and fast work even on challenging skin areas such as palms and knees.
  • Available in both 3.5mm and 5mm strokes.
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  • Consistent power and stroke regardless of needle size or skin area
  • Direct drive
  • Perfect for all tattooing techniques
  • Quality: High-quality components and materials
  • Durability: No plastic parts, very long lifespan
  • Reliability: Two year warranty and affordable repair service thereafter
  • Extra high capacity battery available in addition to the high capacity standard battery
  • Designed and made in Finland