The Kajaste Aurora: Tattoo Artist's Ultimate Tool

The Kajaste Aurora: Tattoo Artist's Ultimate Tool

Let's dive into the exceptional features of the new Kajaste machine, the Aurora, designed especially for tattoo artists who appreciate freedom and convenience:

1. Stable Impact System - Consistent Power and Precision

The beating heart of any tattoo machine is its power and torque. With the Aurora, you have the game-changing "Stable Impact System." This intelligent electronic system continuously monitors and adjusts the torque, ensuring that your machine's power and precision remain rock-solid. No matter the motor speed, skin area in question, or needle size, you can count on consistent power and torque. This technology opens up exciting possibilities for various tattoo techniques, including creating intricate calligraphy with straight magnums and working with larger needles even on challenging areas such as elbows and knees. It also makes handling smaller needles a breeze, increasing your efficiency.


2. Battery Power That Lasts

Aurora comes equipped with two battery options: the standard high-capacity battery that comes with your purchase and a high-performance power battery with a 33% larger capacity.

The magnetic attachment system ensures your battery effortlessly locks into place correctly every time.

The battery life depends on your needle size and machine speed. If you're like me, using a wide range of needles from 3rl to 49mag and juggling 5-10 different needles during a typical workday, you'll appreciate that the battery can be swapped in a flash. Typically when doing a 7 to 8 hour day, I need to change the stantard battery just once. The high-performance power battery easily powers you through a full day of work.


3. Intuitive Touch Screen

Aurora features a splash-resistant touch screen, making machine adjustments a one-handed task. The touch screen also introduces you to the "Kajaste Smart Touch" feature.


4. Smart Touch - Seamless Audio Control

Tattoo artists often listen to music or audiobooks while they work. The struggle of removing your gloves, fumbling for your phone to pause or change tracks, and then squeezing sweaty hands again into gloves is real. The Aurora understands your pain. It boasts the "Smart Touch" feature, allowing you to manage your audio effortlessly and hygienically straight from its touch screen. How convenient is that?


5. Replaceable Plunger Bar Head - Hygiene Matters

Hygiene is paramount, and that's why Aurora addresses the common weak link in many machines—the plunger bar head. At the end of a busy workday, you might find tattoo ink on the plunger bar head, even though you've only touched the cartridge tips. This mystery ink transfer can lead to contamination. Wiping with disinfectant is not foolproof, but Aurora's replaceable plunger bar head, sterilizable, ensures your hygiene standards are met.


6. Versatile Grip Attachment

Aurora includes an adapter that lets you use traditional grip styles, and with a quick unscrewing of the adapter, you can switch to screw-on grips. Nearly all disposable grips on the market as well as metal grips are compatible. Plus, Aurora's built-in guide groove ensures Kajaste grips lock securely in the correct position without breaking a sweat.


7. Machine Protection - Easy and Effective

Protecting your Aurora is a breeze. Our custom-designed silicone covers for both the machine and batteries mold snugly, allowing you to change the battery during work in a matter of seconds.

Alternatively, adhesive protective film can be applied to shield both the machine and batteries.

I will write more in-depth about the machine's features in separate blog posts in the future. If something in particular caught your interest, feel free to ask me directly, and I'll gladly respond to any additional questions.