Tero Devilsridge

Tero Devilsridge

Meet Tero Devilsridge, a tattoo artist who started his tattooing career back in 2009. He specializes in various styles, including lettering and dark calligraphy tattoos, as well as realism.

Initially, Tero used old coil machines for many years until 2017. However, he accidentally switched to rotary machines during the Aulanko tattoo convention when the spring of his coil machine broke. Since then, he has been using rotary machines.

Tero was among the first tattoo artists to get his hands on the Kajaste tattoo machine. He was impressed by the machine's power and how easy it was to work with, especially on areas where the skin is more elastic or otherwise hard to work, such as the ribs or elbows.

Using the Kajaste machine has significantly improved Tero's work, from creating crisp lines and shading big black areas with ease. The machine's strength has also allowed him to work on larger areas and speed up his work process. Additionally, the Kajaste machine causes less irritation on the skin, making the healing process quicker and more comfortable for clients.

Tero highly recommends the Kajaste tattoo machine to other professionals who want to take their work to the next level, especially those who seek a machine that is efficient, high-quality, and easy to work with. While tattoo machines are highly personal, Tero believes that the Kajaste machine is an excellent tool for any professional artist looking to improve their work.

Check out more Tero's work: @tero_devilsridge