Samuel Boman

Samuel Boman

Samuel Boman has been tattooing for ten years. His specialty is realistic tattoos, and he always tries to incorporate his own style into the tattoo, even if it is based on a photograph. Boman's style is constantly evolving, and he sees the tattoo industry as a continuous process of self-improvement.

Throughout his career, Boman has tried various tattoo machines, and he primarily tattoos with rotary machines. Boman was one of the first artists to use the Kajaste tattoo machine, which he finds to be an excellent tool, especially for using large needles.

According to Boman's experiences, the Kajaste tattoo machine is powerful and allows for the use of large needles in ways he hasn't been able to do much before. The machine's efficiency makes tattooing comfortable and faster, and it helps him avoid spending too much time on individual areas.

Boman recommends the Kajaste tattoo machine to other tattoo artists, especially because of its ability to easily pack color into large areas without causing too much damage to the skin.

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