Robert Henrik

Robert Henrik

Robert Henrik has been in the tattoo industry for 10 years now. His style is a combination of dotwork realism and surrealism with a heavy emphasis on collages and abstract art. He draws a lot of inspiration from modern art, which he incorporates into his work.

When he first started tattooing, he used rotary machines. However, soon he was introduced to coil machines, which he found challenging to use at first due to their unfamiliarity. But, he quickly adapted to the coil machines and even used a hybrid approach, where he used both coil and rotary machines in his work. Eventually, he transitioned to using only rotary machines and found them to be the most suitable for his style.

Robert Henrik prefers using the Kajaste tattoo machine because of its versatility and the range of needle sizes it offers. As a dotwork artist, he requires a machine that can handle small needle sizes but can also accommodate larger ones when necessary. He finds it effortless to work with the Kajaste machine and can achieve precise and delicate linework with ease. Moreover, he appreciates how efficiently the machine packs color, making it perfect for shading and creating large black areas.

One of the machine's most significant advantages, according to Robert Henrik, is that it causes minimal irritation to the skin, allowing him to work on clients for extended periods without causing excessive discomfort. This benefit has also allowed him to maintain the quality of his work by reducing skin irritation and enabling tattoos to heal more efficiently.

Robert Henrik highly recommends the Kajaste tattoo machine to other tattoo artists, and he has personally recommended it to his colleagues and friends throughout Europe. He believes in sharing his knowledge and tools that can help other artists improve their craft. 

For him to recommend a tool or product, it has to be of high quality and have a significant impact on an artist's work. The Kajaste tattoo machine meets all those criteria and is an indispensable tool in Robert Henrik's arsenal.

Check out more Robert's work: @robert_henrik