Passion, development and innovative tattoo technique – Torsten & Kätlin Malm join forces in creating Kajaste x Malm Aurora

Passion, development and innovative tattoo technique – Torsten & Kätlin Malm join forces in creating Kajaste x Malm Aurora

The new Kajaste x Malm Aurora -tattoo machine is designed in collaboration with Torsten and Kätlin Malm.

In the world of tattoos, there are many stories, but few are as inspiring as the tale of Torsten and Kätlin Malm. This tattoo artist couple didn't embark on their tattoo journey through traditional means; they entered the field through their passionate love for drawing and dedication to their craft.

Torsten, an active athlete simultaneously pursuing a mathematics Phd thesis, found himself seeking a new direction in life due to several sports-related injuries. As sports took a back seat, the mathematics thesis no longer satisfied his aspirations.

Meanwhile, Kätlin enrolled in a makeup artist school and decided to attend a drawing course to refine her skills for a career that demanded an artistic eye.

– I took a four-day basic drawing course in Helsinki, mostly with retirees. I learned a lot about charcoal and pencil drawing, recalls Kätlin.

Kätlin also convinced Torsten to give drawing a try, leading the couple into a new realm of passion.

– We became so enthusiastic about it that it turned into a passion. We enjoyed the progress and learning so much that whenever we returned home from work, we started drawing and continued until two or three in the morning.

This is how Torsten and Kätlin found their way into the tattoo industry, eventually crossing paths with Jari Kajaste, a seasoned artist and the creator of Kajaste Machine.

– Jari was a good teacher for us in the early stages. After that, we traveled the world to learn even more, says Torsten.

Kajaste x Malm Aurora: Where Art and Technology Converge

The design process behind Kajaste x Malm Aurora -tattoo machine wasn't just about contemplating the shapes of the machine; it involved profound collaboration between Kätlin, Torsten, and the Kajaste team. The couple shares a common vision for a machine that is ergonomic, wireless, and powerful.

Torsten has used various tattoo machines, but for him, the machine's most crucial feature is its power.

Torsten highlights that Aurora is the most powerful among the machines he has used, emphasizing its ability to saturate large and challenging areas of skin.

– Weaker machines often encounter the problem that, especially with difficult skin or challenging body parts, you end up working on the same spot too much, which may cause additional damage to the skin. This machine doesn't have that issue because it efficiently delivers the ink beneath the skin.

Clients have also reported faster and easier healing of tattoos.

Wireless Machine's Battery Life Facilitates Extended Projects

Kätlin's favorite stage in the tattoo process is when the tattoo is in its finishing phase.

– I know it's a long process, and every time I finish a job, I'm amazed that I did this! says Kätlin.

Torsten and Kätlin approach all their projects and work with love, and this dedication is evident in the final results.

To successfully complete lengthy projects, the battery life of the tattoo machine is crucial. Kajaste x Malm Aurora -tattoo machine is battery-operated, and this feature was one of the key considerations in designing the new machine.

– This is the first machine where I can use the same battery all day. There are very few days when I have to change the battery during the day. If I do, it's towards the end of the day. Over 90 percent of the days go by without changing the battery, says Torsten.

According to Kätlin, the new wireless technology has revolutionized the tattoo industry, and there's no turning back to using wired machines.

A Tattoo Machine Suitable for All Artists

Torsten emphasizes that the Kajaste x Malm Aurora is a tattoo machine suitable for artists of all levels – from beginners to experienced professionals.

He particularly stresses the benefits for novice artists. Investing in the best possible tool encourages the artist to reflect on their development through the mirror of their work.

Kajaste x Malm Aurora -tattoo machine offers consistent and reliable performance, helping new artists focus solely on honing their skills.

Kätlin highlights the significance of the tattoo machine as a long-term partner. Investing in the machine is like starting a relationship.

Kätlin recommends Aurora -tattoo machine to everyone, whether they are seasoned professionals, beginners, or even someone contemplating starting a career in tattooing.

The machine's user-friendliness makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to concentrate on the creative process without compromising on quality. Kajaste x Malm Aurora is more than just a tattoo machine – it is a tool that accompanies you throughout your entire tattooing career.

Successful Collaboration Resulted in a Top-notch Tattoo Machine

Kajaste x Malm Aurora is not just a tattoo machine; it is the result of a successful collaboration, passion for tattoo art, and innovative technology. Kätlin and Torsten highlight the smooth design process with the Kajaste team.

– In the design process, it has been easy to discuss and exchange ideas because all parties are constantly striving to improve both tattoo techniques and tools, says Kätlin.

Kätlin is delighted that artists can share their knowledge, contributing to the overall advancement of the industry. Jari and the Kajaste team have been open to new ideas, actively listening, creating a sense of a unified family.

Torsten and Kätlin have traveled a long journey with Kajaste, testing various machines and providing feedback. The end result has been achieved through a shared goal: to create the best possible tattoo machine.

– In the end, we wanted it to be the best machine, and we have achieved a good result, says Torsten.

Kajaste x Malm Aurora -tattoo machine is proof of what happens when passion, collaboration, and innovation converge in the world of tattoo art.