Mikko Keskitalo

Mikko Keskitalo

Mikko Keskitalo's journey into the world of tattooing traces back to 2016. From a young age, Mikko displayed a fervent passion for drawing, which gradually evolved into a fascination with airbrush painting. However, it wasn't until Mikko found himself seated in the client's chair that tattoos truly captivated him.

When Mikko's path crossed with tattoo artist Ilkka Kyllönen in Tampere, Ilkka began to work on a full sleeve tattoo for Mikko's left arm. Once the arm was inked, Mikko became eager to try tattooing himself. He got his first exposure to tattoo machine technique from an old machine he bought from Ilkka, and after practising at home, he ended up working in a studio in 2016.

Precision and detail – signatures of Mikko's style

Mikko's style is recognizable for its black and grey tones and realistic feel. He always strives for precision and detail, making his tattoos impressive and striking. In the tattooing process, he particularly focuses on accurately reproducing the sketch.

Finding the perfect tattoo machine

During the first five years, Mikko experimented with several different machines.
His first favourite machine was discovered through his admired artist. Through getting to know Jari Kajaste, Mikko also got to try the Kajaste Machine for the first time. Particularly, the Aurora version impressed Mikko with its efficiency and versatility.

Mikko got his hands on the Aurora tattoo machine in December for prototype testing. He immediately noticed its efficiency and was surprised by how it could produce lighter marks despite being very powerful. According to Mikko, the machine's biggest advantage is its efficiency and ability to work on difficult areas like the armpit.

While wireless capability might be essential for many artists nowadays, Mikko believes that machine performance is more important than wireless capability. Mikko works effortlessly with the Aurora because changing the battery during the day is easy and quick.

Dedication to quality – A recommended tool for all artists

Mikko considers himself a very loyal user to his machines and believes he will work with the Aurora for a long time. He considers the machine's best features to be its ability to pack colour into the skin very well while also performing lighter grey wash-style techniques. He sees the Aurora as a versatile machine that suits different styles.

Mikko recommends the Aurora tattoo machine to all tattoo artists, regardless of their style variations.

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